Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reading the Comics

Found in a Time Capsule

Once, many years ago, children read comics. Here's a picture of just such a scene, taken from a book called A Nation of Nations by Louis Adamic (1945). Adults read comics, too, of course, although some may have looked upon comics the way this Greek grandfather seems to be looking at his granddaughter and her curious American habits and tastes. 

That's Dick Tracy on the front page and Little Orphan Annie on the back. Both were syndicated by the Chicago Tribune-New York Daily News Syndicate. The paper says "Sunday News." Maybe the paper is in fact the New York Daily News. An assiduous researcher might even be able to figure out the date. I should point out that Harold Gray, the creator of Little Orphan Annie, though born in Illinois, grew up in Indiana and graduated from Purdue University. Few cartoonists in history have had more words written and spoken of him than Harold Gray.

Photograph by Alexander Alland
Text copyright 2012 Terence E. Hanley

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